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List of courses for which online re-evaluation can be applied:

S.No.Course NameSemester/ YearDeclaration/ Publication/ Uploading DateLast Date (Without Late Fee)Last Date (With Late Fee Of Rs. 300)
1 Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) SEMESTER-0224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
2 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Foreign Trade-Practices and Procedures) SEMESTER-224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
3 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) SEMESTER-0224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
4 Bachelor of Commerce (Banking) SEMESTER-0224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
5 Master of Arts (Economics) SEMESTER-0224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
6 Master of Arts (Economics) SEMESTER-0424-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
7 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Computer Application) SEMESTER-224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
9 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Principles and Practice of Insurance) SEMESTER-224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
10 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Office Management and Secretarial Practice) SEMESTER-224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
11 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Tourism and Travel Management) SEMESTER-224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
12 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management) SEMESTER-224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
13 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Tax Procedure and Practice) SEMESTER-224-Aug-201908-Sep-201915-Sep-2019
14 MASTER OF ART EDUCATION PART-I23-Aug-201907-Sep-201914-Sep-2019
15 BACHELOR OF COMMERCE PART-I23-Aug-201907-Sep-201914-Sep-2019
16 Master of Science (Geography) SEMESTER-223-Aug-201907-Sep-201914-Sep-2019
17 MASTER OF SCIENCE (MATH) PART-123-Aug-201907-Sep-201914-Sep-2019
18 MASTER OF ART ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PART-223-Aug-201907-Sep-201914-Sep-2019
19 MASTER OF ART PHILOSOPHY PART-122-Aug-201906-Sep-201913-Sep-2019
20 MASTER OF ART PHILOSOPHY PART-222-Aug-201906-Sep-201913-Sep-2019
21 Master of Arts (Political Science) SEMESTER-221-Aug-201905-Sep-201912-Sep-2019
22 P.G. DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS ANALYTICS PART-121-Aug-201905-Sep-201912-Sep-2019
23 Bachelor in Tourism Management SEMESTER-420-Aug-201904-Sep-201911-Sep-2019
24 DIPLOMA IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION (D.P.ED.) PART-120-Aug-201904-Sep-201911-Sep-2019
25 Bachelor of Vocation (Medical Lab Technology) SEMESTER-620-Aug-201904-Sep-201911-Sep-2019
26 Master of Commerce (Information Technology) SEMESTER-220-Aug-201904-Sep-201911-Sep-2019
27 Master of Commerce (Information Technology) SEMESTER-420-Aug-201904-Sep-201911-Sep-2019
28 Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.) SEMESTER-420-Aug-201904-Sep-201911-Sep-2019
29 B.Sc. (Honours) Mathematics SEMESTER-418-Aug-201902-Sep-201909-Sep-2019
30 BACHELOR OF EDUCATION (SHIKSHA-SHASTRI) 1 YEAR PART-118-Aug-201902-Sep-201909-Sep-2019
31 MBA (HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT) PART-317-Aug-201901-Sep-201908-Sep-2019
32 Master of Arts (Applied Yoga and Health) SEMESTER-216-Aug-201931-Aug-201907-Sep-2019
33 Master of Science (Multimedia) (Five Year Integrated Course) SEMESTER-816-Aug-201931-Aug-201907-Sep-2019
34 Bachelor of Vocation (Fashion Technology) SEMESTER-614-Aug-201929-Aug-201905-Sep-2019
35 MBA (HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT) PART-114-Aug-201929-Aug-201905-Sep-2019
36 MBA (HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT) PART-214-Aug-201929-Aug-201905-Sep-2019
37 Advance Diploma in Vocation (Fashion Technology) SEMESTER-413-Aug-201928-Aug-201904-Sep-2019
38 Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.) SEMESTER-213-Aug-201928-Aug-201904-Sep-2019
39 Master of Science (Biotechnology) (Five Years Integrated Course) SEMESTER-213-Aug-201928-Aug-201904-Sep-2019
40 Master of Science (Engg. Physics) (5 Year Integrated Course) SEMESTER-413-Aug-201928-Aug-201904-Sep-2019
41 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) SEMESTER-0413-Aug-201928-Aug-201904-Sep-2019
42 Master of Science (Mathematics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-213-Aug-201928-Aug-201904-Sep-2019
43 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) SEMESTER-412-Aug-201927-Aug-201903-Sep-2019
44 Master of Arts (Psychology) SEMESTER-211-Aug-201926-Aug-201902-Sep-2019
45 B.A. (Mass Communication) SEMESTER-211-Aug-201926-Aug-201902-Sep-2019
46 Advance Diploma in Vocation (Food Science & Quality Control) SEMESTER-411-Aug-201926-Aug-201902-Sep-2019
47 Master of Arts (Fine Arts) SEMESTER-211-Aug-201926-Aug-201902-Sep-2019
48 B.Tech. Printing, Graphics and Packaging (CBCS) SEMESTER-211-Aug-201926-Aug-201902-Sep-2019
49 B.Sc. (Home Science) SEMESTER-211-Aug-201926-Aug-201902-Sep-2019
51 Advance Diploma in Vocation (Textile and Fashion Desing) SEMESTER-410-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
52 B.Tech. (CHEMICAL ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
53 B.Tech. (AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
54 B.Tech. (ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
55 B.Tech. (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
56 B.Tech. (FOOD TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
59 B.Tech. (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) (AUTO) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
60 B.Tech. (AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
61 B.Tech. (COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
62 B.Tech. (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
63 B.Tech. (TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
64 B.Tech. (BIO-TECHNOLOGY) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
65 B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
66 B.Tech. (MECHATRONICS) SEMESTER-810-Aug-201925-Aug-201901-Sep-2019
67 PG DIPLOMA IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PART-209-Aug-201924-Aug-201931-Aug-2019
68 Diploma in Vocation (Textile and Fashion Designing) SEMESTER-209-Aug-201924-Aug-201931-Aug-2019
69 Bachelor of Science (Fashion Designing) SEMESTER-409-Aug-201924-Aug-201931-Aug-2019
70 Master of Science (Electronics) SEMESTER-208-Aug-201923-Aug-201930-Aug-2019
71 M.A. A.I.H., CULTURE & ARCHAEOLOGY PART-208-Aug-201923-Aug-201930-Aug-2019
72 M.A. A.I.H., CULTURE & ARCHAEOLOGY PART-108-Aug-201923-Aug-201930-Aug-2019
73 Master of Science (Biotechnology) (Five Years Integrated Course) SEMESTER-608-Aug-201923-Aug-201930-Aug-2019
74 Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) SEMESTER-0208-Aug-201923-Aug-201930-Aug-2019
75 Master of Arts (Political Science) SEMESTER-408-Aug-201923-Aug-201930-Aug-2019
76 Advance Diploma in Vocation (Business Process Outsourcing) SEMESTER-407-Aug-201922-Aug-201929-Aug-2019
77 Master of Computer Science (Software) SEMESTER-207-Aug-201922-Aug-201929-Aug-2019
78 Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology SEMESTER-207-Aug-201922-Aug-201929-Aug-2019
79 Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology SEMESTER-407-Aug-201922-Aug-201929-Aug-2019
80 Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology SEMESTER-607-Aug-201922-Aug-201929-Aug-2019
81 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Principles and Practice of Insurance) SEMESTER-406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
82 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Computer Application) SEMESTER-406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
83 Bachelor of Commerce (Banking) SEMESTER-0406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
84 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) SEMESTER-0406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
85 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) SEMESTER-0406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
86 Diploma in Vocation (Software Development) SEMESTER-206-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
87 B.A. (Mass Communication) SEMESTER-406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
88 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Foreign Trade-Practices and Procedures) SEMESTER-406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
89 Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) SEMESTER-0406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
90 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Tax Procedure and Practice) SEMESTER-406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
91 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management) SEMESTER-406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
92 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Office Management and Secretarial Practice) SEMESTER-406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
93 Bachelor of Commerce (Vocational) (Tourism and Travel Management) SEMESTER-406-Aug-201921-Aug-201928-Aug-2019
94 Master of Science- (Physics) SEMESTER-205-Aug-201920-Aug-201927-Aug-2019
95 Master of Arts (English) SEMESTER-0405-Aug-201920-Aug-201927-Aug-2019
96 Master of Arts (English) SEMESTER-0205-Aug-201920-Aug-201927-Aug-2019
97 Master of Science (Industrial Chemistry) SEMESTER-404-Aug-201919-Aug-201926-Aug-2019
98 Master of Arts (Hindi) SEMESTER-0404-Aug-201919-Aug-201926-Aug-2019
99 Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) SEMESTER-0404-Aug-201919-Aug-201926-Aug-2019
100 Master of Science (Biotechnology) (Five Years Integrated Course) SEMESTER-804-Aug-201919-Aug-201926-Aug-2019
101 Master of Science (Engg. Physics) (5 Year Integrated Course) SEMESTER-203-Aug-201918-Aug-201925-Aug-2019
102 Diploma in Vocation (Business Process Outsourcing) SEMESTER-203-Aug-201918-Aug-201925-Aug-2019
103 Master of Commerce (M.Com) SEMESTER-403-Aug-201918-Aug-201925-Aug-2019
104 BACHELOR OF COMMERCE PART-II03-Aug-201918-Aug-201925-Aug-2019
105 B.Tech. Printing Graphics & Packaging SEMESTER-203-Aug-201918-Aug-201925-Aug-2019
106 Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Information Technology) SEMESTER-0202-Aug-201917-Aug-201924-Aug-2019
107 P.G. DIPLOMA IN FLORICULTURE PART-102-Aug-201917-Aug-201924-Aug-2019
108 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) SEMESTER-0202-Aug-201917-Aug-201924-Aug-2019
109 Master of Arts (Yoga) SEMESTER-402-Aug-201917-Aug-201924-Aug-2019
110 M.PHIL. SANSKRIT PART-102-Aug-201917-Aug-201924-Aug-2019
111 LL.B.-Professional SEMESTER-401-Aug-201916-Aug-201923-Aug-2019
112 M.PHIL. MUSIC PART-101-Aug-201916-Aug-201923-Aug-2019
113 DIPLOMA COURSE IN URDU PART-101-Aug-201916-Aug-201923-Aug-2019
114 M.PHIL. BOTANY PART-101-Aug-201916-Aug-201923-Aug-2019
115 CERTIFICATE COURSE IN URDU (CC) PART-101-Aug-201916-Aug-201923-Aug-2019
116 Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.) SEMESTER-231-Jul-201915-Aug-201922-Aug-2019
117 Master of Arts (Panjabi) SEMESTER-431-Jul-201915-Aug-201922-Aug-2019
118 Master of Arts (Panjabi) SEMESTER-230-Jul-201914-Aug-201921-Aug-2019
119 Diploma of Vocation (Medical Lab Technology) SEMESTER-230-Jul-201914-Aug-201921-Aug-2019
120 DIPLOMA IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION (D.P.ED.) PART-230-Jul-201914-Aug-201921-Aug-2019
121 P.G. DIPLOMA IN YOGA THERAPY PART-128-Jul-201912-Aug-201919-Aug-2019
122 Master of Science (Mathematics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-428-Jul-201912-Aug-201919-Aug-2019
123 Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Course SEMESTER-228-Jul-201912-Aug-201919-Aug-2019
124 Master of Science (Geography) (CBCS) SEMESTER-427-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
125 B.Tech. (CHEMICAL ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-727-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
126 B.Tech. (ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-727-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
127 LL.B.-Professional SEMESTER-227-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
128 B.Tech. (AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-727-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
129 Master of Science (Botany) (CBCS) SEMESTER-427-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
130 Master of Arts (Yoga) SEMESTER-227-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
131 B.Tech. (TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY) SEMESTER-727-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
132 M.PHIL. Panjabi (CBCS) PART-127-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
133 B.Tech. (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) SEMESTER-727-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
134 B.Tech. (BIO-TECHNOLOGY) SEMESTER-727-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
135 B.Tech. (MECHATRONICS) SEMESTER-727-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
136 Bachelor of Vocation (Software Development) SEMESTER-627-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
137 Master of Science (Environmental Science) (CBCS) SEMESTER-427-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
138 Master of Science (Chemistry) (CBCS) SEMESTER-427-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
139 Master of Science (Chemistry) (CBCS) SEMESTER-227-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
140 M.PHIL. GEOGRAPHY PART-127-Jul-201911-Aug-201918-Aug-2019
141 Advance Diploma in Vocation (Interior Designing) SEMESTER-426-Jul-201910-Aug-201917-Aug-2019
142 Advance Diploma in Vocation (Software Development) SEMESTER-426-Jul-201910-Aug-201917-Aug-2019
143 B.Tech. (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-725-Jul-201909-Aug-201916-Aug-2019
144 B.Tech. (ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-725-Jul-201909-Aug-201916-Aug-2019
145 B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) SEMESTER-725-Jul-201909-Aug-201916-Aug-2019
146 Diploma in Vocation (Interior Designing) SEMESTER-225-Jul-201909-Aug-201916-Aug-2019
147 Master of Travel and Tourism Management (MTTM) SEMESTER-225-Jul-201909-Aug-201916-Aug-2019
148 M.PHIL. (HISTORY) PART-125-Jul-201909-Aug-201916-Aug-2019
149 Master of Science (Biotechnology) SEMESTER-224-Jul-201908-Aug-201915-Aug-2019
150 Master of Arts (Music-Vocal/Insturmental) SEMESTER-224-Jul-201908-Aug-201915-Aug-2019
151 Master of Arts (History) SEMESTER-424-Jul-201908-Aug-201915-Aug-2019
152 Master of Arts (History) SEMESTER-224-Jul-201908-Aug-201915-Aug-2019
153 Bachelor of Vocation (Textile and Fashion Design) SEMESTER-624-Jul-201908-Aug-201915-Aug-2019
154 DIPLOMA OF VISHARDA PART-124-Jul-201908-Aug-201915-Aug-2019
155 Bachelor of Pharmacy SEMESTER-224-Jul-201908-Aug-201915-Aug-2019
156 Master of Science (Economics) (Honours) (Five Years Integrated Course) SEMESTER-224-Jul-201908-Aug-201915-Aug-2019
157 B.Sc. Graphics & Animation (5-Year Integrated Course) SEMESTER-224-Jul-201908-Aug-201915-Aug-2019
159 MBA 5-Years Integrated Practice-Oriented Programme (MBA 5 Year) SEMESTER-623-Jul-201907-Aug-201914-Aug-2019
160 MBA 5-Years Integrated Practice-Oriented Programme (MBA 5 Year) SEMESTER-423-Jul-201907-Aug-201914-Aug-2019
161 MBA 5-Years Integrated Practice-Oriented Programme (MBA 5 Year) SEMESTER-223-Jul-201907-Aug-201914-Aug-2019
163 DIPLOMA IN SECRETARIAL PRACTICE PART-123-Jul-201907-Aug-201914-Aug-2019
164 B.Tech. (COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING) SEMESTER-723-Jul-201907-Aug-201914-Aug-2019
167 Master of Arts (English) (CBCS) SEMESTER-222-Jul-201906-Aug-201913-Aug-2019
168 Master of Arts (English) (CBCS) SEMESTER-422-Jul-201906-Aug-201913-Aug-2019
169 Master of Arts (Sanskrit) (CBCS) SEMESTER-422-Jul-201906-Aug-201913-Aug-2019
170 B.Ed. (Special Education) (V.I) SEMESTER-222-Jul-201906-Aug-201913-Aug-2019
171 M.PHIL. POLITICAL SCIENCE (CBCS) PART-122-Jul-201906-Aug-201913-Aug-2019
172 Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.) (CBCS) SEMESTER-222-Jul-201906-Aug-201913-Aug-2019
173 ACHARYA PART-221-Jul-201905-Aug-201912-Aug-2019
174 ACHARYA PART-121-Jul-201905-Aug-201912-Aug-2019
175 Master of Arts (Sanskrit) SEMESTER-421-Jul-201905-Aug-201912-Aug-2019
176 Master of Arts (Sanskrit) SEMESTER-221-Jul-201905-Aug-201912-Aug-2019
177 B.Sc. Physical Education, Health Education and Sports SEMESTER-220-Jul-201904-Aug-201911-Aug-2019
178 Bachelor in Tourism Management SEMESTER-220-Jul-201904-Aug-201911-Aug-2019
179 Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib.) (CBCS) SEMESTER-220-Jul-201904-Aug-201911-Aug-2019
182 B.Tech. Printing Graphics & Packaging SEMESTER-819-Jul-201903-Aug-201910-Aug-2019
183 CERTIFICATE COURSE IN BHAGAVADGITA PART-119-Jul-201903-Aug-201910-Aug-2019
184 Master of Science (Geography) SEMESTER-419-Jul-201903-Aug-201910-Aug-2019
185 Master of Technology (Applied Geology (5-Year Integrated Course)) SEMESTER-419-Jul-201903-Aug-201910-Aug-2019
186 Master of Technology (Applied Geology (5-Year Integrated Course)) SEMESTER-619-Jul-201903-Aug-201910-Aug-2019
187 M.PHIL. (A.I.H.) PART-118-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
188 Master of Arts (Sanskrit) (CBCS) SEMESTER-218-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
189 GIANI PART-118-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
190 Master of Arts (Psychology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-418-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
191 SHASTRI PART-218-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
192 SHASTRI PART-118-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
193 Master of Science (Physics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-218-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
194 B.Tech. Printing, Graphics and Packaging (CBCS) SEMESTER-418-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
195 Master of Pharmacy SEMESTER-218-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
196 M.PHIL. PHILOSOPHY PART-118-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
197 M.PHIL. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (CBCS) PART-118-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
198 M.PHIL. HISORY (CBCS) PART-118-Jul-201902-Aug-201909-Aug-2019
199 Master of Science (Engg. Physics) (5 Year Integrated Course) SEMESTER-617-Jul-201901-Aug-201908-Aug-2019
200 SHASTRI PART-317-Jul-201901-Aug-201908-Aug-2019
201 DIPLOMA OF VISHARDA PART-217-Jul-201901-Aug-201908-Aug-2019
202 Bachelor of Science (Multimedia) SEMESTER-416-Jul-201931-Jul-201907-Aug-2019
203 Advance Diploma in Vocation (Hospitality Management) SEMESTER-416-Jul-201931-Jul-201907-Aug-2019
204 Master of Arts (Music-Vocal/Insturmental) SEMESTER-416-Jul-201931-Jul-201907-Aug-2019
205 B.Sc. Physical Education, Health Education and Sports SEMESTER-416-Jul-201931-Jul-201907-Aug-2019
206 B.Sc. (Home Science) SEMESTER-416-Jul-201931-Jul-201907-Aug-2019
207 Master of Science (Biotechnology) SEMESTER-416-Jul-201931-Jul-201907-Aug-2019
208 Master of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) SEMESTER-415-Jul-201930-Jul-201906-Aug-2019
209 Bachelor of Pharmacy SEMESTER-415-Jul-201930-Jul-201906-Aug-2019
210 Master of Arts (Psychology) SEMESTER-415-Jul-201930-Jul-201906-Aug-2019
211 M.PHIL. COMMERCE PART-115-Jul-201930-Jul-201906-Aug-2019
212 B.Sc. (Honours) Mathematics SEMESTER-615-Jul-201930-Jul-201906-Aug-2019
213 B.Tech. Printing Graphics & Packaging SEMESTER-614-Jul-201929-Jul-201905-Aug-2019
214 Bachelor of Vocation (Business Process Outsourcing) SEMESTER-614-Jul-201929-Jul-201905-Aug-2019
215 M.PHIL. POLITICAL SCIENCE PART-114-Jul-201929-Jul-201905-Aug-2019
216 Diploma in Vocation (Hospitality Management) SEMESTER-214-Jul-201929-Jul-201905-Aug-2019
217 Master of Science (Microbiology) SEMESTER-213-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
218 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE PART-213-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
219 Master of Arts (Hindi) SEMESTER-0213-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
220 Master of Performing Arts (Vocal) (CBCS) SEMESTER-613-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
221 Master of Performing Arts (Vocal) (CBCS) SEMESTER-413-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
222 Master of Performing Arts (Vocal) (CBCS) SEMESTER-213-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
223 Master of Performing Arts (Tabla) (CBCS) SEMESTER-213-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
224 Master of Performing Arts (Tabla) (CBCS) SEMESTER-413-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
225 Master of Performing Arts (Tabla) (CBCS) SEMESTER-613-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
226 Master of Science (Economics) (Honours) (Five Years Integrated Course) SEMESTER-1013-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
227 Master of Science (Economics) (Honours) (Five Years Integrated Course) SEMESTER-413-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
228 Master of Science (Economics) (Honours) (Five Years Integrated Course) SEMESTER-813-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
229 Master of Science (Economics) (Honours) (Five Years Integrated Course) SEMESTER-613-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
230 Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Information Technology) SEMESTER-0413-Jul-201928-Jul-201904-Aug-2019
231 B.A. (Mass Communication) SEMESTER-612-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
232 Master of Performing Arts (5-Year Integrated Course) PART-312-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
233 Master of Performing Arts (5-Year Integrated Course) PART-212-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
234 Master of Performing Arts (5-Year Integrated Course) PART-512-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
235 Master of Performing Arts (5-Year Integrated Course) PART-112-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
236 Master of Performing Arts (5-Year Integrated Course) PART-412-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
237 Bachelor of Vocation (Hospitality Management) SEMESTER-612-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
238 Master of Performing Arts (Sitar) (CBCS) SEMESTER-412-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
239 Master of Performing Arts (Sitar) (CBCS) SEMESTER-212-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
240 Master of Performing Arts (Sitar) (CBCS) SEMESTER-612-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
241 Bachelor of Pharmacy SEMESTER-612-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
242 Master of Arts (Fine Arts) SEMESTER-412-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
243 Master of Performing Arts (Kathak) (CBCS) SEMESTER-612-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
244 Master of Performing Arts (Kathak) (CBCS) SEMESTER-212-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
245 Master of Performing Arts (Kathak) (CBCS) SEMESTER-412-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
246 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) SEMESTER-612-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
247 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) SEMESTER-812-Jul-201927-Jul-201903-Aug-2019
248 Master of Science (Forensic Science) (CBCS) SEMESTER-211-Jul-201926-Jul-201902-Aug-2019
249 Master of Arts (Panjabi) (CBCS) SEMESTER-411-Jul-201926-Jul-201902-Aug-2019
250 Master of Arts (Fine Arts) (Group-A) (CBCS) SEMESTER-211-Jul-201926-Jul-201902-Aug-2019
251 Master of Arts (Fine Arts) (Group-A) (CBCS) SEMESTER-411-Jul-201926-Jul-201902-Aug-2019
252 Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-211-Jul-201926-Jul-201902-Aug-2019
253 Master of Arts (Fine Arts) (Group-B) (CBCS) SEMESTER-211-Jul-201926-Jul-201902-Aug-2019
254 Master of Arts (Fine Arts) (Group-B) (CBCS) SEMESTER-411-Jul-201926-Jul-201902-Aug-2019
255 Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.) (CBCS) SEMESTER-411-Jul-201926-Jul-201902-Aug-2019
256 Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacognosy) (CBCS) SEMESTER-210-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
257 Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-210-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
258 Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design SEMESTER-410-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
259 Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design SEMESTER-610-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
260 MBA 5-Years Integrated Practice-Oriented Programme (MBA 5 Year) SEMESTER-810-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
261 MBA 5-Years Integrated Practice-Oriented Programme (MBA 5 Year) SEMESTER-1010-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
262 B.Sc. Graphics & Animation (5-Year Integrated Course) SEMESTER-610-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
263 Master of Science (Biochemistry) SEMESTER-410-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
264 Bachelor of Science (Fashion Designing and Textile Design) SEMESTER-610-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
265 Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) (CBCS) SEMESTER-210-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
266 Master of Arts (Public Administration) (CBCS) SEMESTER-210-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
267 Master of Arts (Public Administration) (CBCS) SEMESTER-410-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
268 MBA 5-Years Integrated Practice-Oriented Programme (MBA 5 Year) (CBCS) SEMESTER-1010-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
269 MBA 5-Years Integrated Practice-Oriented Programme (MBA 5 Year) (CBCS) SEMESTER-810-Jul-201925-Jul-201901-Aug-2019
270 B.Sc. Physical Education, Health Education and Sports SEMESTER-609-Jul-201924-Jul-201931-Jul-2019
271 Master of Science (Zoology) SEMESTER-409-Jul-201924-Jul-201931-Jul-2019
272 Bachelor of Vocation (Interior Designing) SEMESTER-609-Jul-201924-Jul-201931-Jul-2019
273 Master of Science (Statistics) SEMESTER-409-Jul-201924-Jul-201931-Jul-2019
274 Master of Arts (Public Administration) SEMESTER-208-Jul-201923-Jul-201930-Jul-2019
275 Master of Science (Environmental Science) (CBCS) SEMESTER-208-Jul-201923-Jul-201930-Jul-2019
276 B.Sc. Graphics & Animation (5-Year Integrated Course) SEMESTER-408-Jul-201923-Jul-201930-Jul-2019
277 Master of Arts (Sociology) SEMESTER-208-Jul-201923-Jul-201930-Jul-2019
278 Master of Technology (Applied Geology (5-Year Integrated Course)) SEMESTER-806-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
279 Diploma in Vocation (Networking and Mobile Applications) SEMESTER-206-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
280 Bachelor of Pharmacy (CBCS) SEMESTER-206-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
281 Bachelor of Pharmacy (CBCS) SEMESTER-406-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
282 Master of Arts (Psychology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-206-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
283 Master of Commerce (M.Com.) (CBCS) SEMESTER-406-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
284 Master of Science (Zoology) SEMESTER-206-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
285 Master of Arts (Human Right) SEMESTER-206-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
286 LL.M SEMESTER-206-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
287 Master of Science (Mass Communication) (CBCS) SEMESTER-206-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
288 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) SEMESTER-206-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
289 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) SEMESTER-406-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
290 Master of Science (Zoology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-206-Jul-201921-Jul-201928-Jul-2019
291 Master of Business Administration SEMESTER-405-Jul-201920-Jul-201927-Jul-2019
292 Master of Arts (Human Right) SEMESTER-405-Jul-201920-Jul-201927-Jul-2019
293 Master of Science (Microbiology) SEMESTER-405-Jul-201920-Jul-201927-Jul-2019
294 Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.) SEMESTER-405-Jul-201920-Jul-201927-Jul-2019
295 Master of Arts (Public Administration) SEMESTER-405-Jul-201920-Jul-201927-Jul-2019
296 Master of Education (M.Ed.) (Special Education) SEMESTER-205-Jul-201920-Jul-201927-Jul-2019
297 Bachelor in Tourism Management SEMESTER-605-Jul-201920-Jul-201927-Jul-2019
298 Master of Arts (Sociology) SEMESTER-405-Jul-201920-Jul-201927-Jul-2019
299 Bachelor of Pharmacy SEMESTER-804-Jul-201919-Jul-201926-Jul-2019
300 B.Ed. (Special Education) (V.I) SEMESTER-404-Jul-201919-Jul-201926-Jul-2019
301 B.Tech. Printing Graphics & Packaging SEMESTER-404-Jul-201919-Jul-201926-Jul-2019
302 Bachelor of Science (Multimedia) SEMESTER-604-Jul-201919-Jul-201926-Jul-2019
303 Bachelor of Science (Multimedia) SEMESTER-203-Jul-201918-Jul-201925-Jul-2019
304 B.Ed. (Special Education) (H.I) SEMESTER-403-Jul-201918-Jul-201925-Jul-2019
305 Master of Fine Arts (Group-D) (CBCS) SEMESTER-203-Jul-201918-Jul-201925-Jul-2019
306 Master of Fine Arts (Group-D) (CBCS) SEMESTER-403-Jul-201918-Jul-201925-Jul-2019
307 Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.) SEMESTER-203-Jul-201918-Jul-201925-Jul-2019
308 BACHELOR OF ART PART-III02-Jul-201917-Jul-201924-Jul-2019
309 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) SEMESTER-602-Jul-201917-Jul-201924-Jul-2019
310 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) SEMESTER-0402-Jul-201917-Jul-201924-Jul-2019
311 B.Ed. (Special Education) (H.I) SEMESTER-202-Jul-201917-Jul-201924-Jul-2019
312 B.Sc. (Home Science) SEMESTER-601-Jul-201916-Jul-201923-Jul-2019
313 LL.B.-Professional SEMESTER-601-Jul-201916-Jul-201923-Jul-2019
314 B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) 5-Year Integrated Course SEMESTER-1001-Jul-201916-Jul-201923-Jul-2019
315 Master of Science (Statistics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-201-Jul-201916-Jul-201923-Jul-2019
316 Master of Science (Microbiology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-201-Jul-201916-Jul-201923-Jul-2019
317 Master of Commerce (M.Com.) (CBCS) SEMESTER-201-Jul-201916-Jul-201923-Jul-2019
318 Master of Fine Arts (Group-B) (CBCS) SEMESTER-428-Jun-201913-Jul-201920-Jul-2019
319 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) SEMESTER-0628-Jun-201913-Jul-201920-Jul-2019
320 Master of Law (L.L.M.) (CBCS) SEMESTER-428-Jun-201913-Jul-201920-Jul-2019
321 Master of Law (L.L.M.) (CBCS) SEMESTER-228-Jun-201913-Jul-201920-Jul-2019
322 Master of Fine Arts (Group-C) (CBCS) SEMESTER-228-Jun-201913-Jul-201920-Jul-2019
323 Master of Fine Arts (Group-C) (CBCS) SEMESTER-428-Jun-201913-Jul-201920-Jul-2019
324 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) SEMESTER-0627-Jun-201912-Jul-201919-Jul-2019
325 Master of Science (Biotechnology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-226-Jun-201911-Jul-201918-Jul-2019
326 Master of Science (Biotechnology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-426-Jun-201911-Jul-201918-Jul-2019
327 MBA 5-Years Integrated Practice-Oriented Programme (MBA 5 Year) (CBCS) SEMESTER-425-Jun-201910-Jul-201917-Jul-2019
328 MBA 5-Years Integrated Practice-Oriented Programme (MBA 5 Year) (CBCS) SEMESTER-625-Jun-201910-Jul-201917-Jul-2019
329 Master of Fine Arts (Group-A) (CBCS) SEMESTER-225-Jun-201910-Jul-201917-Jul-2019
330 Master of Fine Arts (Group-A) (CBCS) SEMESTER-425-Jun-201910-Jul-201917-Jul-2019
331 Master of Fine Arts (Group-B) (CBCS) SEMESTER-225-Jun-201910-Jul-201917-Jul-2019
332 Master of Travel and Tourism Management (MTTM) (CBCS) SEMESTER-224-Jun-201909-Jul-201916-Jul-2019
333 Master of Travel and Tourism Management (MTTM) (CBCS) SEMESTER-424-Jun-201909-Jul-201916-Jul-2019
334 Master of Arts (Panjabi) (CBCS) SEMESTER-224-Jun-201909-Jul-201916-Jul-2019
335 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) SEMESTER-0624-Jun-201909-Jul-201916-Jul-2019
336 MBA 5-Years Integrated Practice-Oriented Programme (MBA 5 Year) (CBCS) SEMESTER-224-Jun-201909-Jul-201916-Jul-2019
337 BACHELOR OF COMMERCE PART-III24-Jun-201909-Jul-201916-Jul-2019
338 Master of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (MHM&CT) (CBCS) SEMESTER-222-Jun-201907-Jul-201914-Jul-2019
339 Master of Science (Botany) (CBCS) SEMESTER-221-Jun-201906-Jul-201913-Jul-2019
340 Master of Science (Microbiology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-421-Jun-201906-Jul-201913-Jul-2019
341 Master of Science (Forensic Science) (CBCS) SEMESTER-421-Jun-201906-Jul-201913-Jul-2019
342 Master of Science (Geography) (CBCS) SEMESTER-221-Jun-201906-Jul-201913-Jul-2019
343 Master of Technology (Microelectronics and VLSI Design) (CBCS) SEMESTER-221-Jun-201906-Jul-201913-Jul-2019
344 Master of Arts (Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-421-Jun-201906-Jul-201913-Jul-2019
345 Master of Science (Zoology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-419-Jun-201904-Jul-201911-Jul-2019
346 Master of Technology (Energy and Environment Management) (CBCS) SEMESTER-219-Jun-201904-Jul-201911-Jul-2019
347 Master of Science (Biochemistry) (CBCS) SEMESTER-419-Jun-201904-Jul-201911-Jul-2019
348 Master of Technology (Applied Geology (5-Year Integrated Course)) (CBCS) SEMESTER-419-Jun-201904-Jul-201911-Jul-2019
349 Master of Technology (Applied Geology (5-Year Integrated Course)) (CBCS) SEMESTER-619-Jun-201904-Jul-201911-Jul-2019
350 Master of Science (Statistics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-419-Jun-201904-Jul-201911-Jul-2019
351 Master of Science (Computer Science) (CBCS) SEMESTER-219-Jun-201904-Jul-201911-Jul-2019
352 Master of Science (Computer Science) (CBCS) SEMESTER-419-Jun-201904-Jul-201911-Jul-2019
353 Master of Science (Physics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-419-Jun-201904-Jul-201911-Jul-2019
354 Master of Arts (Business Economics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-215-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
355 Master of Arts (Business Economics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-415-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
356 Master of Arts (Philosophy) (CBCS) SEMESTER-415-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
357 Master of Arts (Economics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-415-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
358 Master of Arts (Economics) (CBCS) SEMESTER-215-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
359 Mater of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) (CBCS) SEMESTER-215-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
360 Master of Arts (Women Studies) (CBCS) SEMESTER-415-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
361 Master of Arts (Women Studies) (CBCS) SEMESTER-215-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
362 Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) SEMESTER-0615-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
363 Master of Arts (Defence & Strategic Studies) (CBCS) SEMESTER-215-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
364 Master of Arts (Defence & Strategic Studies) (CBCS) SEMESTER-415-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
365 Master of Lib. and Information Sci (M.Lib.I.Sc.) SEMESTER-115-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
366 Master of Lib. and Information Sci (M.Lib.I.Sc.) SEMESTER-215-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
367 Master of Arts (Political Science) (CBCS) SEMESTER-215-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
368 Master of Arts (Political Science) (CBCS) SEMESTER-415-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
369 Master of Science (Applied Geology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-215-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
370 Master of Science (Applied Geology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-415-Jun-201930-Jun-201907-Jul-2019
371 BACHELOR OF ART PART-I14-Jun-201929-Jun-201906-Jul-2019
372 Master of Science (Electronic Science) (CBCS) SEMESTER-213-Jun-201928-Jun-201905-Jul-2019
373 Master of Arts (Music) (Vocal) (CBCS) SEMESTER-412-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
374 Master of Arts (Music) (Vocal) (CBCS) SEMESTER-212-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
375 Master of Arts (Music) (Sitar) (CBCS) SEMESTER-212-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
376 Master of Arts (Music) (Sitar) (CBCS) SEMESTER-412-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
377 Master of Arts (Sociology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-412-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
378 Master of Arts (Sociology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-212-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
379 Master of Arts (Philosophy) (CBCS) SEMESTER-212-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
380 Master of Arts (Hindi) (CBCS) SEMESTER-412-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
381 Master of Arts (Hindi) (CBCS) SEMESTER-212-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
382 Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib.) (CBCS) SEMESTER-112-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
383 Master of Arts (History) (CBCS) SEMESTER-212-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
384 Master of Arts (History) (CBCS) SEMESTER-412-Jun-201927-Jun-201904-Jul-2019
385 Master of Arts (Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology) (CBCS) SEMESTER-211-Jun-201926-Jun-201903-Jul-2019
386 Post Graduate Diploma in Women Studies PART-110-Jun-201925-Jun-201902-Jul-2019
387 Master of Arts (Education) (CBCS) SEMESTER-410-Jun-201925-Jun-201902-Jul-2019
388 Master of Arts (Education) (CBCS) SEMESTER-207-Jun-201922-Jun-201929-Jun-2019
389 BACHELOR OF ART PART-II07-Jun-201922-Jun-201929-Jun-2019
390 Prabhakar (Honours In Hindi) PART-107-Jun-201922-Jun-201929-Jun-2019
391 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) SEMESTER-0607-Jun-201922-Jun-201929-Jun-2019
392 Bachelor of Vocation (Networking and Mobile Application) SEMESTER-607-Jun-201922-Jun-201929-Jun-2019
393 Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Information Technology) SEMESTER-0607-Jun-201922-Jun-201929-Jun-2019


  • 1. The Date of Uploading of Result of BACHELOR OF ART Part II on Re-evaluation portal is 19/08/2019. The last date for online re-evaluation form without late fee is 03/09/2019 and with late fee of Rs. 300/- is 10/09/2019.
  • Kurukshetra University has adopted online mode for submission of applications for Re-evaluation of Answer-Book(s) for all the Under Graduate/Post Graduate (Annual/Semesters) Examinations whose examination has been held in May 2019 onwards. Accordingly, the students who wish to apply for re-evaluation of their answer-book(s) are required to submit their application on the prescribed proforma through online mode only. For this purpose students are advised to visit the University website.
      NOTE:In other cases where results have already been declared and applied for re-evaluation through offline mode will also be considered for re-evaluation of answer-book(s) as per existing rules.
  • NOTE: Online re-evaluation form can be applied just after the date of declaration/uploading/publication of the results on the re-evaluation portal without the dispatch/receiving of DMC(s). Date of dispatch on DMC(s) shall not be considered in any case.
  • Students can submit their application for re-evaluation of Answer-Book(s) of theory paper(s) only through online link available on University website www.kuk.ac.in within 15 days of the date of declaration/publications/uploading of result of that particular examinations on Universitys' Re-evaluation portal along-with prescribed fee given below:-
       (i) Rs. 1000/- per answer-book for BDS.
       (ii) Rs. 500/- per answer-book for Engineering and Pharmacy.
       (iii) Rs. 300/- per answer-book for all other examinations.
      Even after completion of 15 days (without late fee), the students may apply for the online re-evaluation form for another 7 days with a late fee of Rs. 300.
  • The online re-evaluation portal will be operational on Saturdays, Sundays and other Gazetted holidays. Therefore, students may apply on said days also and the last date will not be extended in case if holiday falls on the last date.
  • The students will pay their fee through online re-evaluation link while completing the re-evaluation form via Debit/Credit cards/Online.
  • Provided that no answer–book will be re-evaluated if the re-evaluation form is submitted after one year of the date of Examinations on any ground whatsoever.
  • Re-evaluation is not allowed in Dissertations; Project Reports; Practicals; subject of Environmental Studies for Under-Graduate Classes and in the Examinations in the Faculty of Medical Sciences excluding BDS and Pharmacy.
  • The students shall carefully select the subject(s) in which re-evaluation of Answer-Book(s) is required as after completing the process of submission of application for re-evaluation of Answer-Book(s) no-change in the application is permissible.
  • The students are advised to take a print out of the application form for their reference and record.
  • Increase/Decrease in the marks due to re-evaluation will be taken into account. The result/marks of a student(s) will be revised on the basis of re-evaluation score, in terms of Clause 18.3, only if the score increases/decreases by 3% or more of the maximum marks allotted to the concerned paper or if on re-evaluation, the character of the result changes (character means change in “Division” or “Fail to Compartment/Re-appear” or “Fail to Pass” or “Compartment/Re-appear to Pass or in the case of a student(s) for Master's degree examination the aggregate comes to 55%). Re-evaluation rules are also available on University website www.kuk.ac.in
  • All legal disputes relating to re-evaluation of Answer-Book(s) shall be subject to Courts having jurisdiction in Kurukshetra.
  • A student(s) is allowed to withdraw his/her application for re-evaluation of Answer-Book(s) in one or more paper(s) before the receipt of award(s) from the re-evaluator and in such case no fee will be refunded.
  • A student(s) will be permitted to see his/her Answer-Book(s) for identification only on payment of an additional fee of Rs. 100/- per Answer-Book during working hours on a written request within 15 days from the date of declaration of result of re-evaluation.
  • The re-evaluation will be done under the Rules framed by the Executive Council of the University from time to time and the result of re-evaluation of Answer-Book(s) will be conveyed to the students’ registered E-mail/Mobile No. soon after it is declared. No interim communication to this effect will be entertained.
  • The candidates are advised to plan their future programs in accordance with their original result already communicated by the Result Branch till it is actually superseded by the result of re-Evaluation.
  • In case of any query kindly contact at phone number 01744-239230 OR 7082113182 from Monday-Friday on working days (9:00 am to 5:00 pm) OR email at: onlinereval@kuk.ac.in.
Although sufficient and continous efforts are being made to keep the information on this website up-to-date, however, it should in no way be quoted as an authentic source of information. In case of any dispute or conflict, the printed and signed notices of the University will prevail.
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